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Studio Etiquette

  • Arrive at least 5 minutes before the start of your class to ensure enough time to set up any equipment so the class can begin and end on time. If you are new to the class or have any concerns, please arrive 15 minutes early for extra assistance. Arrivals later than 5 minutes prior to start will not be granted entry.
  • We start and finish the class together. Please try not to leave before the class finishes, as it is disruptive. It is also important to safely cool-down. If you are not able to stay for the entire scheduled class, we ask that you do not take the class.
  • If a class is running and you arrive for the following class, please be respectful and do not talk loudly or intrude on the class in progress.
  • Notify instructors of injuries and any issues with equipment.
  • Wear appropriate shoes and clothing that will not get caught in equipment.
  • Take off street shoes to avoid damage to the floors and keep the studio clean and healthy.
  • Most programs don’t require runners – if possible, wear grippy socks in the studio (we have some that you can buy).
  • Please turn your cell phone to vibrate/silent/off upon entering the studio and refrain from bringing them into class with you.