Renee Tratechaud

Renee’s life-long passion for both fitness and instructing began with her love of volleyball, in which she won a provincial gold medal. Now, she shares her love of exercise with beginners, school groups, triathletes and everyone in between! Renee has a thorough knowledge of a variety of training programs and methods and tailors fitness programs to help every individual achieve results.

What motivates you to exercise?

My motivation has definitely taken a shift as to why I exercise. After getting into a car accident, my body has struggled to regain its strength in certain areas. I have changed my focus from wanting to be totally ripped to being mobile, flexible and strong.

What is your most embarrassing moment in a fitness class?

Far too many to count! But one that immediately comes to mind is sweating so much in spin class that my hands slipped off the handle bars during a climb and I landed chest first on the bars.

What tunes can we expect in your class?

I will typically play music that reflects my mood or what I am going through in life. I find it more authentic to how I teach.

What classes do you teach?

Booty barre, Bikerbarre, Spin, Spin/TRX HIIT, Fit45, Fit45 Mobility, Fit30 Core, Barrebelles… EVERYTHING, except Antigravity!

When can we find you at Fit Republic?

You can find me at the studio every day except Sunday, that’s my family day!