Most embarrassing moment in a fitness class?

While teaching a TRX class, I was demonstrating how to do a TRX pike lift (a little too quickly) and fully did a flip out of it in front of everyone... luckily the only thing hurt was my ego!

What motivates you to exercise?

Self-care and staying on top of mental health. A lot of the time we focus on working out for physical results, but for me it helps with anxiety, focus at school, and meeting new people.

What tunes can we expect in your class?

I am a huge fan of tropical sounds like Kygo, #throwbacks, and beats that really bring you into the zone.

What classes do you teach?

Spin, TRX and Functional Training.

When can we find you at Fit Republic?

I LOVE 6 am! But for now, you'll catch me Tuesday nights!