Carrie Schmidt

Carrie doesn’t just wake up in the morning; she turns on like an Energizer Bunny. So it was only natural she’d find herself sharing that energy as a group exercise instructor.

Carrie began her fitness career with a focus on indoor cycling, which mirrored her love for intense mountain bike rides. But through spending time with Jane and our team, she realized how many other classes she could ignite with her intensity.

Carrie believes that focus, clarity, and mind-body connection are the perfect partners to the high-energy workouts that she provides at Fit Republic. In Carrie’s classes, expect to work hard and laugh along with her contagious giggles.



  • Keiser Indoor Cycling
  • Agatsu Kettlebell Certified
  • UCanRow2 / Concept 2 Indoor Rowing
  • TRX Certification
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