Ashlee was an equestrian for 25 years before trading one saddle for another 4 years ago. It was hip hop spin that drew her in, but the community of Fit Republic that made her stay. Ashlee started with reception over 1 year ago and in November 2017 taught her first solo spin class. No matter what, if you come across Ashlee at the studio you will always find her smiling. She is always working hard to ensure your experience is the absolute best it can be! Why? “Fit Republic is my happy place and if I have the chance to share it with others, I want to do that. No matter the day, I always walk out of the spin room happier than when I walked in!”

What motivates you to exercise?

My health and happiness. Spinning is my happy place!

What tunes can we expect in your class?

Hip hop, R&B, Rap, and I’ll add a few little surprise Indie or pop songs in there to switch things up!

What classes do you teach?

All the Spin!

When can we find you at Fit Republic?

When am I not at the studio? You can find me around the studio most days! I’m either teaching or behind the front desk.


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